Now on most days, you’d be reading a post on some form of gardening. This is, or course, Kerr Dog Kustom, where we deep dive in different areas of gardening. However, today, this site is “paying some bills” and we do that by occasionally allowing a sponsor of ours to talk a little about their own product or service.

 This is why sent us this mini-post on replacing the stump in your gum, left over by a root canal, with a dental implant that will work almost as well as your original tooth did. Let’s not be silly, nothing works as well as your natural tooth; but with the serious advancement of dental technology over the last twenty years, implants have come pretty close to the real thing.

If you have teeth that need to be extracted, or even missing teeth, which left unchecked will produce more harm than good, then it may be time to consider having an implant placed; and regaining your incredible smile once again. You can learn a little more by visiting their site here:

Replace That Stump With Something Better